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I went into my local Walmart and was a washed in all the Xmas decorations and festivities. I really thought it was a a recession, how could all these people who struggle with every day bills be in here buying, scratching fighting for such necessities like Guitar Hero and Flat screen Tv’s. I truly believe the only ones to care about recession are “middle class”. The rich don’t give a shit and the poor are trying to be rich so in turn they also don’t give a shit. Rich and Poor are very similar yet different almost how Fool’s mirror Geniuses . Anyways getting back to my F*<K Xmas kick, how did we get here,what in the hale would make poor folk front and buy stuff they know they couldn’t and shouldn’t buy. Was this all about Xmas, all about December 25th, or maybe there all Christians just celebrating the birth of there savior. Naw it had to be deeper, had to be more to it. My whole life form elementary to adulthood were told its the noble thing to do is buy and exchange gifts on xmas. Were taught the importance of your gift is predicated on how much you spend on that gift, hell I seen close-knit families fight over how expensive there gifts are, mainly someone felt slighted cause there gifts were more money and in return got cheaper gifts. I mean blows were thrown, nasty insults, hell even tears were shed. Xmas gifts made very close families bring out some nasty emotions, clearly this wasn’t what the holiday was designed for. So hod did they day of celebration and joy evoke people to act so out of there means so much. I found this clip on the web, VERY VERY GOOD, -PLUS SHE FINE- PLEASE WATCH

Wow, so powerful, very very thought provoking. If this is true then we been fed a whole lot of garbage.

From Wikipedia-Saturnalia’s relation to Christmas

Main article: Christmas

There is a theory that Christians in the fourth century assigned December 25 (the Winter Solstice on the Julian calendar) as Christ‘s birthday (and thus Christmas) because pagans already observed this day as a holiday. As the dates of Saturnalia are not precisely coincident with Christmas, a more refined argument is that Christmas was set on the feast of Sol Invictus, which was on December 25, and which had supplanted Saturnalia. However, with many of the traditions of Saturnalia incorporated into Sol Invictus, it is possible that some of those traditions were also carried forward as a part of the Christian holiday.

Man, if you truly love yourself,you will always seek the Truth…..Ask Stanley


Well after reading and watching the info above, I still want my gifts. I made a small list.

  • I want a paid membership to either Rapidshare or Megaupload. For those who aren’t Internet savvy, these are the 2 largest file sharing site on the web. In a sense when you want to downland Porn, Movies, Music or Ebooks you have to use one of these programs. Now there a slower way around this but a a good porn movie might be chopped up in like 5 scenes and the smart people at rapid of mega will only let you download one scene at a time if your not a paid membership. So please help, I have a huge hard drive and want to fill it up(that sound’s sick- part 2)

  • I want a PAWG- if you don’t know you wont!!!

  • I want a white athlete to get arrested and get some national media coverage

WTF Section


  • Yo this is my last piece of GumVodpod videos no longer available.

  • Now this is a wild clip, I didn’t know to laugh or cringe….so I did both.Couldn’t embed the clip but it must watch.

    Laugh or Cringe Video

  • Here at Da Wicked, were planning something BIG for the new movie Notorious. Maybe take a day off , watch the movie, blast Big joints all day and holla at  a girl saying “WHAT YOUR NAME WITH YOUR SIGN” Heres a lil clip about the movie from the Director, BTW the shorty playing Fatih is aight. Vodpod videos no longer available.

    more about “NOTORIOUS Video Diary #5: Dressing Bi…“, posted with vodpod
  • One of the funniest boxing intros ever………………ever
  • Haven’t had this much fun with Lego’s in a long time Lego Albulm Covers
  • Tis’ the Season for some good Scrapping

So 2008 is  a wrap, done….finish, ask yourself how did I get better. No matter what the answer is, this year is over,but the sun will rise tomorrow. So enjoy your life, your family and the ones that make u a better person. Eliminate petty bull’ish and never be afraid to fly… to the frickin’ moon. Fear is the common enemy to all of us, it cripples us. So the the like the  shirt’s white boys used to wear….2009 motto is NO FEAR.

Da Wicked Jumpshot has grand plans and visions for 2009.

You’ve been Warned!!!!!

Peace and have a NO Fearful New Years!!!!

Black The New Prezident…..Bytch

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Black the New President…..Bytch

It been a long time…..sorry I kept you//// waiting for the Illmatic blog to step to.

Peace to every and all. All is well I hope.

It been almost 3 months since my last edition and much has changed. Let’s see I was bed-ridden for almost 2 weeks, broke up with my girlfriend, moved to a new spacious closet (also known as a studio), got a new lappy, had to wait 2 weeks for cable and the most hardest thing that happened to me………I was forced to watch an episode of House of Payne. Listen, I get the whole Tyler Perry empire and it’s very successful and uplifting but that show is awful…..but on the same hand there are countless sorry white shows- Everybody loves Gaymond, Will and Grace and any show on the Family channel so I guess it evens up. Thankfully it’s so me fine TV programs that will heat u up in the winter. I’m hooked yet perplexed at the show Real Chance of Love on vh1. The show is very and I mean very entertaining, the names of some of the females- So Hood, Bay Bay Bay and Milf are hilarious. On the other hand it’s pure 2000’s version of a Minstrel show. Listen I get it, but I’m not one to be all righteous and judgmental if u want to be informed go watch the history channel or that channel in the upper 60’s that has the monks and nuns on it., TV is to entertain and enjoy. Some shows that have slipped a little, First 48 and Intervention. Maybe it’s just me but the murder cases just aren’t with they used to be, there no pizazz or ump anymore. I need more calculated killings, no just robbery, drug deals gone badly or Memphis prostitute setting up a robbery for a drug deal gone bad. I’ve always believed the best reality show will be called the Perfect Murder, where killer plans and tries to execute a real killing and get away with it, I think that would be so compelling and a ratings bonanza. Intervention is having a down year, I don’t know if is the tough drug laws or people not caring but it sucks now. I think we need some new addictions……like I’m addicted to internet porn, I’m addicted to TMZ or I’m addicted to chicken nuggets and chocolate milk….those could really work and I can be the first case study if they needed one……lol

I was talking to a lady at work and she asked me how we could fix the economy. Now I’m not the most prolific economist or pretend to know it all (cause I do) but it a simple formula……GIGO. It’s my formula on how I deal with a lot of issues. GIGO= Garbage in Garbage Out. Its how lost almost 40 pounds in about 2 month, It how we can fix the economy. I stopped cold –turkey drinking soda’s, sweets and eating after 8, work about 4x a week…simple ,put less garbage in and I got less garbage out. Now the economy, we got a lot of garbage- defaulted loans, no jobs, nobody paying there credit cards etc. companies truing billion dollar profits yet still laying people off. I guess Gordon Gecko was right Greed is Good. Here’s what its gonna take, The lenders, the banks and the Credit companies are going have to start from scratch, wipe up to 100k of everyone’s debt. This is a drastic measure but it’s a drastic time, I don’t see any new money coming in. The economy works like the eco system, the sun makes the plants grows, the rat eats the plant and the snake eats the rat etc….I get it.. Where’s the new money coming in. The banks aren’t lending any money out, why because the people don’t have any good credit. This is the major crutch of the economy regular people spending cash, buying goods etc. Think of a Pyramid, the middle class is the base/ or foundation if you may, without them the $20 sack pyramid collapses as you see with our economy. You see the fundamental issue of a 700 billy bailout is what next, where do u go from there. Anybody who lends out substantial money to friends and family, especially family know there’s never an end!!! So in a year how much do they ask for 900 trilly (trillion). Here’s the deal, everybody got fat, now it’s time to wipe the slate clean, clear these bloated interest-laden debt/credit reports, tighten the rules and follow-ups and let the people start buying and pumping the economy up…..But what do I know.

What I do know is the NBA and NC2A are starting up. Ohh I can’t wait I’m like a Republican Senator in a public restroom. I honestly feel the Lakes and C’s saved the NBA last year. Competitive balance is cool in rec’ leagues and high school but not for Professional and College. For instance I hate the Puke Blue Devils with unbridled passion, but I hate them cause there a frickin dynasty. Dynasties are needs……to be the Villian and to be the Loved…..and that leads us to the 2008 World Champs…….LA Lakers. I know most are gonna say this is a homer pick or way to go out on the limb but this is the Coronation Season.  Kobe is coming off his gold medal, Ga-soft is more comfortable in the triangle and hopefully has his full LA rosterIm talking all his LA/Bev Hills Slore roster) in-tact, Odom on the bench-where he belongs, Bynum just got paid-4yr/50mil….damn. This season is going to be fun. Just watching my free preview of NBA League Pass, I was able to watch some teams I could careless about. A few things i picked up: Elton Brand arms are like Grape Apes, Rudy Gay gonna blow this year, Spurs look old and don’t have that Mystique but by April they could be right there for home-court advantage, Ronny Arttest is H-town number one option regulating Tmac to the 3rd option and lastly the OKC Thunder suck and wont win 11 games this year thus tuning Kevin Durant into a a disgruntled ball player who will start jacking up 30 shots a game and will get at least a DUI or Domestic case cause it nuffn else to do in OKC except drink and beat ur spouse……

Speaking of drinking etc, me and my friend Rock enjoyed the PSU-OSU game at La’var Arrington spot in Largo, Maryland. The spot is very nice, flatty’s all-around usually some of the illest  I-candy the DC -area has to offer. As we were eating, we was greeted by the Hennesy Girls. Now anybody that ever gone to bars or clubs know about these type of girls. There hired by the  beer/liquor company to introduce or promote there products. There usually young and pretty, smell good,  did I mention young and they have gr8 racks. Anyways were were interrupted by the Henny girls, they were handing out samples of Henny and Ginger-ale. Now for my audience….Henny to Blacks is like Jagger-Meister to White College Kids,  Henny to Blacks is like Gay-Kiddie Porn to Republican Congress and Senators, ok one last one, Henny to Blacks is like NFL Players to White Woman……lets just say it fits very good. So i asked her why would Henny need to promote so much, she said they have lost a lot of there market share. I asked how did that happen, she said that most of the customer base, young blacks 16-40 have switched to Clear Liquor I.e. Vodka. I chuckled as a took about 3 more samples…..that an interesting dynamic. Even the Liquor Debate is going “Organic”, Healthier. I love it.

I saw Zach and Miri make a porn.  All i can say is Seth Rogen is a comedic Genius….pure. For anybody that knows me, i’m like a huge fan. He delivers every time regardless of the type of movie or cast. This move is uber raw and wont be liked by the self-righteous type; u know like the Republicans who scream morality issues and study your Bible yet get caught with buckets of Kiddie Porn. Anyways I would strongly suggest seeing this movie, It’s a Tour de Force of dick, anal-sex and all the nasty stuff we find funny jokes. Here’s and interview i found:


Seth is always awesome but Craig Robinson stole the show. You may remember him from the Office, Pineapple Express and other shows:

Yeh i guess i should talk about the election…………………………………………….OK………………………………………In the immortal words of Biggie Smalls………”We did it Brooklyn”

We Got the White House and it only took us 400+ years, how’s that for Progression. I don’t want to  get  to in-depth with all the superlatives and and touchy funeral-love moments(i’m sure u had enough of that) but I do want to address some things. The joy and pride that has been exhibited is body numbing. I’m thinking will the black family be more prosperous, in terms of money and power, I say this because of the Tiger Woods effect. When Tiger was eviscerating the 1997 Masters, many thought this was gonna lead to more and more young black golfers and that Tiger was gonna be a champion for social issues etc. Well 10+ years later, we have have learned Tiger doesn’t stand for ‘ish except is wallet or whateva Nike tells him to do. I mean he doesn’t even consider him-self black…..he’s worthless, a phony a punk but he’s definitely the Gr8est golfer ever. I pray and hope we don’t see the the same history repeated by our next Prez.

Speaking of billion-dollar athletes i was reading about Lewis Hamilton. He’s a Form 1 racing driver. Here’s an excerpt of a story I was reading on him( The race to a billion dollars may now have a new entrant and one that may well give Tiger a good run for his money, so to speak. With his fifth place finish in the Brazilian Grand Prix, the second year driver Lewis Hamilton grabbed what was denied to him in this race last year, the world championship of Formula One. At the tender age of 23, he becomes the youngest driver in the history of the sport, one that has consistently seen its champion populate the upper reaches of the Forbes list of the highest paid athletes in the world. Assuming his success on the track continues, he is likely to follow closely on the Tiger’s heels in the billionaire club. His current contract with McClaren, which runs to 2012, pays him an estimated 75 million pounds over five years, with endorsements bringing in another 30 million pounds. However, when the contract is renewed in 2012, expect that McClaren to jump to about 30 million pounds a year. He has already achieved a first in getting McClaren to allow him to obtain personal sponsors outside the team sponsors; something else which should ratchet up his income before the new contract.

As the first black champion in his sport (his father is black and his mother is white), he is practically a marketer’s dream – young, good looking, bright and a winner. A package remarkably similar to Tiger Woods in a sport that is arguably more popular worldwide. If Hamilton’s success on the track continues, the future is practically limitless for him and I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if he follows Woods into the billionaires club just a few years later. “ Who knew, In the States they lock us up for racing cars down the strip, over there your a marketers dream…………..It’s such a Big World!!!

Notes and Ish

  • Went to see Role Models. Awesome movie, way funny edgy and great cursing. The righteous type should go see it and gross themselves out. Paul Rudd is rare form, those who might not be familiar with his name will definitely remember him from 40yr Virgin and Knocked-Up. The little kid from the Tracy Morgan Show steals the show. His cursing timing was impeccable. U might laugh but cursing is an ART. The greats can string it along with ease. I can vividly remember my baby brother having a severe cursing problem. I mean this kid was destined for Vegas with a mouth like this. Most kids will curse a little as they mock what they hear around them but this kid could put the words in the correct order and at the right time. I should have taped this kid, where was Youtube 15yrs ago, now my Mom and  Dad are Legendary MC- Master Curser. Aww man I always knew he wanted to be a rapper. Anyways Role Model’s gets my seal of approval.

  • This is the funniest trailer in the world….THIS IS MY HOUSE N***GA!!!!!!!

  • Damn seeing Rodge about to get his Academy Award made me think of the late great Fred Berry aka Rerun. This guys agility and smoothness is unparalleled for a man of his size.U think he ever banged Shirley.The 2:15 mark on is Incredible. I’m in amazement!!!!!!

  • The best part of Free NBA League Pass was seeing teams I could careless about. Denver is one of those teams barring my homeboy Melo’ Ant…shout out to B’more-East side-Mount Royal and all that. When I was watching the game, I saw the Mel cut his braids off, it had to be a reason:

  • When i was doing Laundry one day, I got into a argument with my brother about who would u screw 1st, Aunt Esther or Florida Evans. I had go with Aunt Esther. It was a tough tough call but i was doing some research on her and came across some of her Comedy Albums. Did you know that her and Redd Foxx were childhood friends, she was a stripper(u can stop cringing) and she was doing stand-up before Red Foxx. Man she is so raw, I miss comedy like this Take a Listen:

I’m Ghost one love